The Maelstrom is Closing to Make Way for Frozen Ride

“You are not the first to pass this way – but, you will be the last.”

EPCOT’s mini log flume ride The Maelstrom is closing on October 5, 2014, to make way for a Frozen themed attraction. Thus, another educational attraction at EPCOT bites the dust.

I’m super bummed out that The Maelstrom is closing. There’s something very calming about the boat ride, and now that it’s going to be closed, I feel that yet another bit of old Disney is making way for new Disney, and… Well, it remains to be seen if it’s for good or ill, but rides like The Maelstrom are, to me, what EPCOT is supposed to be in the first place, so every time they get rid of something like this, I feel as though the paradigm has shifted a bit more in the wrong direction. This is probably only happening so Frozen’s heroines Anna and Elsa have a permanent home base where guests can meet the princesses, purchase some merchandise, etc.

When reached for comment regarding my disdain for closing The Maelstrom, Mickey Mouse cordially suggested that I, “Let it go.”

Also, if they were changing this to a Thor ride rather than a Frozen ride, I’d probably be throwing a parade.

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