Thoughts on Game of Thrones, episode 9, season 2

Episode 9 is described as the penultimate episode of season 2 and "Blackwater" certainly lives up to that billing. This is probably the biggest episode of Game of Thrones up to this point – all the potential, finally realized. It’s glorious!

Songs, boobs, violence, gore, explosions, a drunk queen armed with poison, treachery, rescue by cavalry… this episode has it all.

"Let’s sing a song… into boobs!"
Does anybody have any idea: A: who thought it was a good idea to get people drunk before heading into battle; B: who thought it was a good idea to add prostitutes to that mix; C: why The Hound wants to start shiz with Bronn? I don’t know the answer to any of these queries. This bit of the episode made me nervous about the rest of it, but thankfully, it all worked out in the end.

"Strategy leads to explosions, explosions leads to violence, violence… leads to gore… I sense much strategy in you."
Now that’s how you start a battle scene! Sure, the green fire didn’t look great, but it was serviceable. The point is that Tyrion’s initial strategy worked well enough. Of course, then that second wave of infantry showed up after Tyrion led his troops out through the tunnels to take the first wave by surprise and from behind…

"So if we win the battle, we live. If we lose, we can have this guy kill us, take poison, or just wait and suffer a more horrible death at the hands of the victors. Anyway, let’s have a drink."
Yeah, so that’s glum. Maybe it’d be a better idea to evacuate those that can’t fight when you know you’re about to be attacked? Just a thought.

"I love the smell of King’s Landing in the morning." / "I’m going to take his face… off."
Tywin rides in to save the day just as Tyrion and his boys look like they’re about to shuffle the mortal coil. Of course, Tyrion is already wounded after the betrayal of Mandon, who, one assumes, is acting on orders from Cersei because of her weird, "You want to kill my son" thing.

So, yeah – great episode! And, I think this may be the only episode that takes place around one location. Maybe it’s a combination of the high stakes and tight focus that made this work so well, but this is certainly my favorite so far.

Come by next time for the wrapping up of season 2!

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  1. Well, um… drink makes people less scared? and makes the injuries hurt less?
    Seriously, I got nothin’

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