Meg Ryan Can’t Stop Singing in Movies

Is it just me, or does Meg Ryan sing in a disproportionate amount of her roles than one would assume? That lady likes to sing! I feel like she has a contract rider that encourages the production team to try to work some singing for her. I bet it read something like, “Ms. Ryan shall be featured as a vocalist for no fewer than four measures…” or something like that!

“Jingle Bells” from Sleepless in Seattle
This is obviously not the most inspiring singing performance, but once she gets passed the “horses” bit, she lays it on fairly thick.

“Angel From Montgomery” from Courage Under Fire
I can’t find it on YouTube, but trust me, she sings a song in this movie. It’s straight up a capella, too – Meg Ryan’s not kidding around this time!

“Great Balls of Fire” from Top Gun
Admittedly, Meg Ryan doesn’t do much singing here, but nevertheless.

“Moon River” from Kate and Leopold
I can’t find this one, either, but I assure you,it’s a real thing.

“Surrey with the Fringe on the top” from When Harry Met Sally

And yet, Meg Ryan does not sing in Anastasia and instead we get the vocal stylings of Liz Calloway. Meg Ryan finally lands a role in a musical, and they won’t let her sing! That, Alanis Morissette, is IRONY!

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