Thoughts on Game of Thrones, episode 8, season 2

I feel that I should, at least in part, rap a sentiment portrayed by Game of Thrones, Season 2, Episode 8. Lay down a beat, yo.


His name is Theon and he’s here to say, he likes being Prince of Winterfell in a major way!

For some reason, I feel that this sort of archaic rapping suits Theon perfectly.

I love that Theon is just an unamiable dick head. There’s just no explaining anything to him. The Greyjoy’s strategic advantage is their naval power, and Theon is very, “So?” about that. He just don’t care that there is no way to hold Winterfell against a superior invading force, even if it gets himself, his men as well as the innocent all killed. The dude just doesn’t give a flying fig. He’s delightfully pigheaded. I also imagine that this role could be unbearable if left in the hands of a lessor, or even different actor. Alfie Allen is the right man for the job.

In this second season, I am forever fascinated by the relationship between Tyrion and his sister Cersei. I do like Cersei’s character, but she generates fantasies out of thin air. I have no idea why she thinks Tyrion wants Joffrey dead. Sure, Tyrion thinks he’s terrible at being king, but he is his nephew – not to mention that he tries to counsel him at every turn… Also, Cersei can’t keep her prostitutes straight. Maybe all prostitutes look-alike to her? That sounds about right. I guess I like Cersei because I understand her insanity. She’s under a lot of stress, what with her brother/lover in prison (who’s been freed, but she doesn’t know that yet), Joffrey making mistakes at every turn, an armada bearing down on their city, filled with angry citizens who’d kill her and her children just as soon as defend them… it’s not a good situation for Cersei on any front.

Blah, Blah, Blah – there’s lots of stuff happening in this episode, like Jon Snow hanging with the Wildlings (who I refer to as Wild Stallions), Daenerys’ resolve to save her dragons, King Robb is getting with Hello Nurse (your mandatory boobs for the episode), Stannis says he’ll make Davos The Hand when he’s king… lots of stuff like that. This episode is very much a building block – everything is getting set just to get knocked over in the next episode and then in episode 10, the characters kick around the proverbial ashes.

The real fire comes in the next episode!

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