Monuments Men (quick movie review)

How could a movie about a compelling subject with this cast have so little teeth? Monuments Men just doesn’t have any bite – the flick can’t hold an audience.
OK, I’m done with the weird mouth metaphors.

Monuments Men lacks excitement, particularly when you take into consideration that it’s set against the backdrop of a World War II ravaged Europe. The characters are boring, the movie has little tension and I’m sure there were at least two days on set where director George Clooney would shout at an actor, “Ride your bike into the shot. OK, hop off and lean the bike against the wall. Run out of shout! And… cut!”

I guess one could simply state, “This movie is some boring shiz.”

It often feels like you’re watching several different movies that don’t link together very well, except toward the end, the characters cross over. The Matt Damon story was the least interesting, the most divorced from the rest of the movie and probably got the most screen time. Not that Damon or Cate Blanchett are bad in the movie, but I didn’t really buy their chemistry and I didn’t have anything invested in the relationship between Damon and his wife, so I didn’t really care about infidelity with Blanchett’s character, which never happens anyway.

That’s kinda the whole movie in a nutshell.

When you couple totally underutilized actors, a boring screenplay and a director who doesn’t know how to fix these problems, you get Monuments Men, a movie that invokes it’s title about 10 times in the first 30 minutes. So yeah, you might say I didn’t like it much. I’m giving this flick a 4 out of 10 – it’d be lower if it wasn’t covered with lovely camera work and quality performances. (This movie is one Vin Diesel away from a 2.5 out of 10.)

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