Rocky II (quick movie review)

Rocky II is such a fascinating sequel. In some ways, it continues the story of the first flick in an interesting and dramatic way, yet on the other hand, it’s basically the exact same damn movie as the first one.

But I don’t give two shizes. This movie is entertaining as hell. "I dunno, he looks pretty mad" has got to be one of the best retorts in any movie ever made.

It’s impossible to talk about Rocky II without comparing it to the original. In some ways, I think this movie improves upon the first one.

The first one is about Rocky proving something to himself and to the world, but Rocky II is much more personal and therefor, more relatable. (At least I think so.) How could Rocky not win after everything he and Adrian went through? He’s fighting for so much more now: his wife, his son, their future – and now that he’s harboring the eye injury and has a new family, he has so much more to lose this time around.

On the other hand, as great as the first one may be, the movie is nearly six minutes of montages, and I totally don’t need the second one of him running. I know, I know, "What’s the point of making a Rocky movie if Stallone’s not going to run around?" I don’t know the answer to that, but those running kids annoy me. The only part of the running montage I like is when he leaves the kids in the dust. Every time I watch this and he jumps the park bench, I think he’s not going to make it, but somehow, he always does. (I guess no one is going to sneak into my house and re edit the movie in the middle of the night.)

What do you like better, the first one or the second one? Don’t give a flying shiz? That’s a fair point, too. Drop a comment and let’s duke it out!

Unless you’re not feeling strong now. But if you watched that video, you should be pumped and ready to battle!

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