Fun with Google Autocomplete (part 2)

Last time on Fun with Google Autocomplete, we learned that Americans were bad at history and distinguishing between fantasy and reality. This time, we see that Google is doing a great job of anticipating our concerns about the NFL and their most notorious players.

As you can see at the image below, one only needs to type, "how many convi" before Google figures out that you’re searching for "how many convicted felons are in the nfl." (Or, for the more grammatically challenged, "how many convicted felons in the nfl.") Maybe the other results say more about our society than we realize – the NFL is on the autocomplete list twice and, it’sahead of sex offenders and the United States Congress.

I’d love for the NFL to do a better job of policing it’s members (because playing professional football is a privilege, not a right), but maybe we need to get our priorities straight, too.

Oh, and the answer I found to "how many convicted felons are in the nfl" was 32. No data was provided to back up that answer, but… yeah. That’s about 1 convicted felon per team. Hmm… that actually sounds kind of low to me. Well, I don’t think Ray McDonald or Ray Rice have been convicted of anything yet and Greg Hardy is out on appeal, so I’m sure they’ll get that number up if everybody just keeps doing what they’re doing.

I guess I’m just used to baseball – A-Rod slaps a baseball out of a 1st baseman’s glove and it’s anarchy – meanwhile, one of these SOBs commits unspeakable acts off the playing field and it’s business as usual… until TMZ airs a video and the NFL brass finally has no choice but to act.

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