Mr. Mom (quick movie review)

If the trailer isn’t evidence enough, Mr. Mom is positively dripping with 1980s situational comedy. It’s even got three 80s powerhouse names: John Hughes, Martin Mull and Teri Garr. It couldn’t be any more 80s unless He-Man was in it riding a flat nosed skateboard while singing "Thriller."

Michael Keaton’s got a new job: "His new job is a mother." He’s playing the lead in Mr. Mom. "A mother of a comedy."

That trailer is awesome.

Anyway, Mr. Mom is kinda the quintessential role reversal 80s movie. It doesn’t have the flash of a Like Father Like Son (or any entry from the body switching category of comedies) and it doesn’t need any because of it’s exceptional cast (including appearances by Jeffery Tambor and Christopher Lloyd) and the writing of Hughes. This sort of concept film shouldn’t be a comedy classic, yet here it is. This sort of movie could have gone so wrong, but it’s so perfect – no scene is wasted.

Another fun fact that barely has anything to do with this film is that when Keaton was cast as Batman, people were like, "Mr. Mom? I don’t think so!" and outraged petitions began flying all over the pre-internet world. Bizarre, but I guess it illustrates the power of this film: Michael Keaton is so good in it that people couldn’t imagine him in another role. That’s how great Mr. Mom is as a movie.

Then Keaton did Batman and obviously, that didn’t type cast him at all.

If you’re hovering anywhere around 30, you’ve probably already seen Mr. Mom, but maybe it’s been a while. Maybe you’re younger or you’ve just never seen the flick before. In any case, I highly recommend everyone gives this movie a watch. It’s the most grounded of broad comedies you may ever see.

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