Samurai Cop (movie review – so bad it’s good!)

There’s the Worst Movies Ever, there’s Movies So Bad They’re Good, and then there’s Samurai Cop, which may be the action/buddy cop equivalent to drama’s The Room. I know, that’s a bold claim, but this movie has the goods to back it up.

To further your understanding of what we’re dealing with here in the case of Samurai Cop, please watch this scene.

And keep in mind that this scene doesn’t include any action. So, you’ve got that to look forward to – and you should look forward to it.

The many problems that create the glorious car accident of genius that is Samurai Cop all stem from two sources: a terrible script and the execution of the production. (“Execution” is the right word – they executed this movie.  It’s DEAD!) As you can see in the restaurant scene, some of the close-ups are shot at the wide location and others are… I dunno, somewhere else – in somebody’s apartment or something. (And let’s not even talk about the acting because… why bother? It’s terrible. These folks can barely remember their lines, nevermind do a halfway decent delivery.) You’ll also notice that the voice dubs for random extras all sound like the same guy – another classy move. The van the bad guys drive around in is probably the company’s production van as the logo on the side harkens to their name.

Of course, my favorite production issue is the wig.

As heard in a Red Letter Media interview, titular star Matt Hanon thought production was over, but some months later, he was called back to shoot what looks to me like the second half of the movie. Since he’d gotten a haircut, he’s sporting a wig, and my lord, it is a horrible, fantastic wig. Horri-tastic, if you will. The wig’s best moment is when it falls off during a fight sequence in a shot that could have easily been cut, but it’s in the film for no reason. Such is the wisdom of Samurai Cop.

Oh, and speaking of the editing, it’s, well, baffling. Or maybe I should say unnecessary.  You’ve just go to see it to believe it.

There are so many unnecessary reaction shots, sex scenes that will not end (because one can never have too many boobs in a movie), shots that serve no purpose… it’s bizarre. And then there’s the cinematography: people’s heads are cut off, I don’t think they ever white balanced the camera, they never did any color correction… well, the movie is mostly in focus. Mostly.

You know what’s awesome about this movie? The music and the musical cues. I love them. They’re great. No complaints in this department at all.

What else can I say about Samurai Cop? It’s deliciously terrible. Deli-rible, if you will. If you like this sort of “so bad it’s good” kinda movies, then definitely check this out. I’ll leave you with the immortal words of a man who speaks fluent Japanese and was trained by the masters back in Japan:

Keep it warm.

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