The Knee Defender invites you to make a bad situation worse

I can’t think of another product that’s as likely to incite violence as the Knee Defender. Ripped right from the most primal and self serving areas of the human brain, the Knee Defender exists only to antagonize your fellow air traveler.

My informal survey tells me most folks agree that the airlines are terrible and they stuff us into their passenger liners as if we were cargo. I’m not a huge dude, but I don’t fit very well in those coach seats. I’ve purchased the extra legroom, but that doesn’t change the fact that those coach seats are terribly awkward and for me, the only thing that makes it go from unbearable pain to annoyingly uncomfortable is the reclining seat (could only be thinking about one of those amazingly comfortable wingback recliners I had at my place!). As a consumer, I have the option to purchase a first class ticket, but I don’t because in this scenario, I prize money over comfort. As inventor Ira Goldman put it, he doesn’t fit in a coach seat, and I’m sure the airline’s answer to that problem is first class and/or buying a second seat (and I’m sure Kevin Smith would agree with my speculation), but instead of just doing what everyone else does in society (just deal with it for the limited time you’re on the plan), Mr. Goldman has decided he’s special and for $21.95, you can be special, too.

And by special, I mean get water thrown in your face.

The situation the airlines have created has encouraged me, at least, to never take flying lightly and to prepare for each trip like I’m about to make the journey from Hobbiton to Mount Doom. Nevertheless, compromising another passenger’s “comfort” in favor of your own is at best dishish and at worst an outright crime. And the worst part of the Knee Defender is I can’t imagine this will enhance most people’s comfort much because for me at five foot eleven, the issue isn’t really leg room, it’s that god awful seat, and leaning back makes it just the tiniest bit more tolerable, but until they find a way to make those awful coach seats more comfortable, the Knee Defender is akin to throwing gas on a fire.

By the way, the Knee Defender is in no way affiliated with the Air Defender.

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