Frenzy (a "Better Know Your Hitchcock!" movie review)

By 1972, Alfred Hitchcock was finally able to get some boobs into a movie in the shade of Frenzy, which I believe to be the only Hitchcock movie of the R rated variety.

I don’t have a lot to say about this one… Frenzy has dark humor, gory images and details and the usual Hitchcock trappings in terms of pace and photography, not to mention plenty of good performances, but I didn’t find it to be one of this better films. It’s generally well rated by critics, yet I can’t get on board. It’s not bad, but I’m quite sure I’ve seen a better Hitchcock movie about an innocent man running from the law. Also, those neckties were expensive, and I don’t see how the protagonist character could have afforded those… didn’t they even try to trace the neckties? Stupid Scotland Yard!

If you’re looking to see a Hitchcock movie from the end of his career, I’d say check out Family Plot and leave Frenzy to The Birds.

See what I did there? I know, that was terrible.

Frenzy‘s not bad, I’m just not a fan. If you’re a Hitchcock completist, then you’ll see it anyway, but I didn’t find this one especially memorable.

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