North by Northwest (a "Better Know Your Hitchcock!" movie review)

Ah, North by Northwest – a quintessential Alfred Hitchcock movie! Is it the most famous? The most memorable? The most popular? Is it the best of Hitchcock’s movies? One thing’s for sure – it’s certainly a great flick!

There’s not much for me to add to the already overwhelming conversation surrounding North by Northwest – the constant referencing and parodies of the film will probably never stop. Here’s a quick one for Simpsons peeps:

In espanol, no less! This movie defies spoken language.

I presume that when people talk about North by Northwest, they bring up the cropduster scene, the finale at Mount Rushmore or even the shot of the train going into the tunnel at the end of the film (subtle!), but my favorite scene in the flick is at the auction house.

James Mason: "It seems to me you fellows could stand a little less training from the FBI and a little more from the Actor’s Studio."
Cary Grant: "Apparently the only performance that’ll satisfy you is when I play dead."
James Mason: "Your very next role. You’ll be quite convincing, I assure you."

And then Martin Landau gives Cary Grant the best, "I’m the one who’s gonna kill you!" look ever – that is awesome!

I also like when the clerk asks Cary Grant, "Is there something wrong with your eyes?" because he’s wearing sunglasses indoors and he says, "Yes, they’re sensitive to questions!"

If you haven’t seen it, check it out – it’s an amazing flick, and it’s well worth a re watch even if you’ve watched North by Northwest before! It’s not my favorite Hitchcock movie, but it’s way near the top.

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