Watching The Simpsons, marathon: "Lemon of Troy" and "The Springfield Connection"

I haven’t had much time for The Simpsons, marathon, but I did catch "Lemon of Troy" and "The Springfield Connection," both from Season 6. I’ve seen both of these episodes many times before yet somehow, I caught a few things I’d never noticed before.

First of all, they are somehow fitting these old 3×4 episodes into a 16×9 frame. It doesn’t look bad, but it’s a little jarring if you know the episodes well. It looks like it was done with relative care, as opposed to my local syndication, which makes the old, non HD episodes look TERRIBLE. (As in totally unwatchable.)

Anyway, I noticed some goofy stuff in these two episodes.

"Lemon of Troy"

The group of kids seems to change – before they go into Shelbyville, there’s one less kid then there is in the next seen… it’s that nerdy kid with the glasses – he appears and reappears throughout the episode… I think Bart says his name is "Data;" the internet says his name is Database.

Database: Uh, the trail has become indistinct. I suggest we split up to cover more ground.
Bart: Good idea. Milhouse, you and me will be Omega Team. Todd,
you and Data are Team Strike Force. Nelson, that leaves you and Martin.
Martin: Team Discovery Channel!
Nelson: [groaning] Oh…your wussiness better come in handy.

"The Springfield Connection"

In his first and last scenes, Chief Wiggums’ hair is black, but in the middle of the episode, it’s blue. If memory serves, his hair started out black and then went blue… I could be wrong about that, though.
I believe that back when these episodes were first broadcast, the show was 24 minutes long, but now, I am under the impression that most/all shows that fit 30 minute blocks are 22 minutes in running time with 8 glorious minutes of commercials. This means they have to edit two minutes out of the episode which, speaking as an editor, sounds like a miserable task. When I saw this episode during the marathon, I believe Homer only said, "Herman, how could you?" and the scene moved on, but here’s the full quote. Maybe it was my imagination, maybe the dogs distracted me, but I just don’t remember hearing that fantastic ‘These are the people who saw an overcrowded marketplace and said, "Me too!"’

Homer: Herman, how could you? We’ve all thought about
counterfeiting jeans at one time or another, but what about the
victims? Hard-working designers like Calvin Klein, Gloria
Vanderbilt, or Antoine Bugle Boy. These are the people who
saw an overcrowded marketplace and said, "Me too!"

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