&pizza (quick vegan restaurant review)

I don’t have much to say about &pizza except that they’re GREAT. They hooked it up with the best vegan pizza I’ve ever had EVER. Exclamation points are not necessary – the food is that good.

&pizza isn’t a strictly vegan restaurant, but they’re ready to accommodate immediately. As soon as they realized we were vegan, the young lady made the entire line staff aware and they all immediately changed their gloves. I’m not that sensitive, but I do very much appreciate the effort. But, the real story here is the pizza is killer. They have several locations… I’m not sure if we went to the E Street or H Street location, but it was amazing.

They have a menu, but we went the build your own pizza route and I’ll never be satisfied by any other pizza again – not really. Since they have a personal size, each customer can get what they want. And the house made soda… the house made soda! (OK, it’s time to break out the exclamation points.) I tried both the DARK CHERRY COLA and the ROOT BEER and was thrilled both times. HOUSE. MADE. SODA!

If you’re ever in the greater Washington DC area (they have a few Maryland locations, too), you’ve got to try &pizza – I loved it!


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  1. Btw, we went to which ever location is closer to the National Mall

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