My 5 Favorite Robin Williams Movies

I don’t know anything about Robin Williams the man.  Maybe there’s a bit of a man in his art – that’s what I think, anyway.  I could summarize his Wikipedia page for you, but instead, I thought I’d take a look at what he’s left us:  dozens of movies, tv shows and appearances, comedy specials, documentaries and so on.  Here’s my five favorite Robin Williams movies in no particular order.


Like One Hour PhotoInsomnia is one of those flicks where Robin Williams was playing a part I felt I hadn’t seen him play before.  When you see an artist you feel like you know so well do something unexpected, it’s an exciting time at the movies and Insomnia is one of my all time favorite movies.

What Dreams May Come
This is one of the most intense movies I’ve ever seen and one of the rare instances where I like a movie  but don’t especially want to re watch it.  If you’ve never seen it, check it out – but it can be difficult to watch – maybe even more now, under the circumstances.

This is one of my favorite character arcs for Robin Williams.  It’s fun to watch his performance over the course of the film – if you haven’t seen this flick in a while, take another look and watch how he grows as the movie progresses.

Dead Poets Society
I know the inspirational teacher movie wasn’t new when this came out, but this one is my favorite of the genre.  I very much like what Williams does here; it’d be so easy to go too far here, but he always seemed to know exactly where to put the intensity dial.

Good Morning, Vietnam
Speaking of the intensity dial, this is one of those movies where I feel Williams had the opportunity to show his full range.  Depending on the scene, he could do that thing only he could do, but he could also be reserved but still feeding us so much information.

Other movie memories
Popeye, Moscow on the Hudson, Mrs Doubtfire, Hook… no matter how you feel about these movies overall, you can’t deny Robin Williams performances.  It’s fun to watch him turn the dial up to 11 and just let it fly – but if you really want to see something, check out one of his old stand up specials – there’s nothing quite like it.


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  1. They say some people are born with a clown inside them.
    What they don’t say, is its a vampiric clown, feeding on insecurities, flaws — everything you hate about yourself.

    Comedians spill their guts for our entertainment.

    • I have been thinking about his stand up a lot -he’s more vulnerable than most. That 1978 hbo special is hardcore

      • Every time a comedian is telling jokes, he’s got his guard up, it’s like a mask. you can hate the comic — that’s fine, because that’s not me.

        You need to worry about comedians when they’re telling jokes — its when they stop, when they feel comfortable enough to let their damn guard down, that you can stop worrying.

        They all suffer from depression — it’s part of the natural cycle for associative geniuses.

      • I remember an episode of DINNER FOR FIVE where Jay Mohr was very frank about his own issues -it’s powerful stuff

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