Thoughts on Game of Thrones, episode 7, season 2

Some dude’s @ss crack? And sort of in service to the plot? The nudity on Game of Thrones has taken a back seat to the plot, and it’s great!

I think my overall impression of season 1 was that it was fine… you know, just – fine. When season 2 started up, I was annoyed to find I was being served up a much more complicated version of season 1… but then, shiz got real.

Winterfell is, as the kids like to say, a hot mess. Theon has an idea for how to make it look like he’s running things, but it actual practice, he’s not doing such a good job in my estimation. I’m quite certain that the burned bodies that I presume are supposed to be Bran and Rickon Stark are a fake (not fake bodies, just not the Stark boys), which will ultimately bite him in the @ss when the real Bran returns. Theon just doesn’t think things through… I imagine his Dad is going to be angry that Theon disobeyed his orders and started a war with the Starks all at once… kinda don’t think the iron people ever had any intention of starting a war with the Starks – they want to take King’s Landing, but now, through Theon’s “Brilliance,” their enemies have multiplied. (Not that it matters… everyone wants to kill everyone anyway.)

So much of this episode advanced the plot and revealed things about the character… I loved it! Tywin and Arya’s talk about history, Sansa’s thank you to Sandor for saving her life, Sansa and Cersei’s talk about Joffrey and Shae’s devotion to Sansa. Oh, and Cersei and Tyrion’s talk about the kids, Robb Stark’s devotion to his men and support to the nurse Talisa… and then Jaime Stark’s long talk and murder of Alton in their cell and his subsequent escape – only to be recaptured and verbally torment Catelyn Stark to her breaking point.

I’d say that’s enough for one episode, but we’ve still got Jon Snow and Ygritte wandering around, but she eventually leads him into trap and he is presumably captured by the Wildings. This inevitable conclusion took forever to reach, but it was interesting to watch these two characters play off each other.

And of course there’s Daenerys, still dragon-less, who now finds that Xaro Xhoan Daxos and the warlock Pyat Pree were behind the dragon-napping and profess that Xaro is now the King of Qarth. I guess they heard about my complaining about learning the 13 leaders of Qarth’s characters, because Pyat is apparently straight up magic and easily murdered the other 11 for me. Problem solved!

I guess my expectations for Game of Thrones were never very high, but they’re getting there now. The last few episodes have been very encouraging and I’m very excited to see how this season winds up. If they can sustain this pace – wow. Season three should be a blast if they can!

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  1. That’s the fun of this series. Starts you in a cozy little realm… and then you watch everything spiral Totally Out of Control!

  2. exactly – the show has become a crazy-off – to see who’s crazier. or, in some cases, to see who’s less crazy.

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