The Dark Knight (movie review)

The question isn’t really regarding the quality of The Dark Knight but instead, by examining its parts, deciding on its place in history. Is it the best action movie ever? Let’s dig in to the most bountiful Batman movie we’re ever likely to get.

The Dark Knight is an amazing film; it can certainly hold it’s own with the biggest of dogs – that is, Star Wars, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. To say it’s better than Empire (or Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan… or Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, for that matter), is a matter of opinion, and I’ve had the hardest time resolving it in my own mind. Let’s see if I can break this three way tie by examining The Dark Knight a bit closer…

Perfect Reveals
I love the way Christopher Nolan introduces the audience to the characters – the Joker’s intro at the bank, Batman’s intro at the parking garage, Harvey Dent and Rachel at the courthouse, Bruce Wayne and Alfred in the batcave… All of these scenes give us valuable information about the characters in an entertaining way.

The Hero Doesn’t Get the Girl?!?
In most movies, the hero gets the girl – Batman Begins and The Dark Knight are exceptions – it’s not until The Dark Knight Rises that Bruce/Batman finally wins and gets the girl. And not only does the hero not get the girl in this movie, but she gets bumped off in the middle of the movie – with extreme prejudice!

"Do I really look like a guy with a plan?"
I won’t waste your time with Heath Ledger praise. He was great, we all know he was great – let’s move on.

No Arc? No Problem!
Do any of the characters in this movie have a real arc? Do they grow and change? I guess Harvey does – he certainly changes. But it doesn’t matter. The movie is so entertaining!

"Five dead, two of them cops…"
No matter how many times I watch this movie, I still can’t name all five people Harvey murdered. But again, the movie is awesome, so it doesn’t matter.

Directing, Cinematography, Dialogue, Performances…
I think it’s the combination of these elements all being stellar is what makes The Dark Knight such an excellent movie. Everything came together so perfectly… It’s a masterpiece of action!

I must admit… I’m a big Star Wars guy, but I have a lot more fun watching this movie as opposed to Empire. Of course, they’re two different movies trying to accomplish very different things, but that’s how I feel. Now that I’ve gone through this exercise, the comparison between the two is not as valid as I thought it was… but I’m still picking The Dark Knight – best Batman movie ever!

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