Thoughts on Game of Thrones, episode 6, season 2

Replace “Hess Truck” with “boobs” and you’re good to go.

Episode 6 of Season 2 brings you the most story centric boobs in an episode of Game of Thrones that I can recall. And they’re not gratuitous! It’s truly incredible!

Theon Greyjoy is something of a wildcard in all this madness. It’s really something to be the stupidest ambitious character in a show that is half populated by stupid, ambitious characters, but Theon pulls it off nicely. Now that he’s taken Winterfell, I presume he’ll do something really stupid, but he’s already been outwitted by Osha, whose nude scene actually served a purpose – so cheers all around for that! Maybe now that Bran Stark realizes he can see the future, he’ll start using this power to his advantage… even if his dreams are metaphors for the future, still better than nothing!

Given that Bran can sorta see the future and that lady had a smoke baby slide out of her vagina, I am a little concerned that Game of Thrones is going to devolve into the X-Men. The signs are there… Daenerys Targaryen’s mutant power is control over dragons, Sean Bean’s mutant power is play-dying any time someone points a camera at him…

You gotta love King Joffrey! Obviously, if someone throws manure at you, everyone in the vicinity should be executed. Obviously. Poor Tyrion’s lessons fall on deaf ears as they always has, but I admire him for trying. Sansa is lost in the riot, but Sandor “The Hound” saves her as he continues to become one of the show’s more interesting characters.

Jon Snow and his boys out beyond the wall take down a wilding scout party, but he is unable to execute the woman Ygritte, and once they become separated from the group, they’re on their own. Ygritte attempts to use the Hot Richard technique on Jon Snow, but is unsuccessful. (Jon Snow watches 30 Rock!)

Whew, things are really getting good! I think all of the show’s promise is beginning to be realized and the ending of Season 2 could meet my expectations. Until then, onward and upward!

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