North Jersey Media is going to the clowns

Yesterday, an old post of ours was doing an unusual amount of traffic. That post happened to be Six Flags Great Adventure Skyway cable car photos and the only reason I could think of was that perhaps they were in the news for some reason, so I checked both and Neither site answered my question, but both sites underwhelmed me with their headlines – especially Send in the clowns…

One of the many absurd headlines that grabbed my attention was “Clowns caught up in Westwood auto accident.” You see, a minor car wreck was caused by and witnessed by clowns in full costume.

This story was on their homepage.

Then, I read a classy story about the mayor of Bogota getting punched in the face only to see that the tease featured the word ‘state’ instead of ‘face.’ That’s an easy mistake to make, right? It’s so easy to confuse ‘state’ with ‘face.’ This website may not be perfect, but we’re not a newspaper – and, to be fair, Dr. Girlfriend tends to find and correct our mistakes.

I know page views are the name of the game, but surely The Record can do better than clowns and just straight up using the wrong word.


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