Thoughts on Game of Thrones, episode 5, season 2

No boobs? There’s no boobs in Game of Thrones, episode 5, season 2? Surely it cannot be so? But… correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this episode was boob free! Wonders will never cease! This is probably the best episode so far!

Well, the Shadow that popped out of that lady’s vagina doesn’t f*ck around, huh? I’m also pleased to see that this has created an alliance between Brienne and Catelyn. SInce they’ve both bad @ss in different ways, I’m looking forward to seeing what they can do together. I also very much enjoyed Ser Davos Seaworth trying to talk King Stannis out of using the Shadow and the lady who popped him out because that clearly seems like bad news, and Stannis should know better… but I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of this bit.

Meanwhile, your favorite and mine, Tyrion Lannister continues to try to manage his insane relatives. Since each one is crazier than the last, it never ends for poor Peter Dinklage. In the hands of a lesser actor, this entire story thread could come unhinged, but Dinklage handles it masterfully.

Much to my surprise, I am loving new bad @ss at arms Jaqen H’ghar. I never would have thought this would have worked out, but his character turns out to be awesome and his relationship with Arya fascinating.

Oh, and then there’s Daenerys Targaryen and her posse at Qarth, Xaro Xhoan Daxos, the much improved baby digital dragons… this is all fascinating stuff! I can’t wait to see where this is going.

At first, season 2 felt like a more complicated version of season 1 – meaning it was just more of the same. Now, I am super happy where everything is going and digging the show more than ever!

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