My 5 Tips for Losing Weight (that may or may not work for you!)

Now that I’ve lost somewhere between 10 and 15 pounds, I’m coming down from the mountain top to share with you (yes, you!) the secrets of my success. Will they work for you? I have no idea. Are these the reasons I’m losing weight? Again, no clue. But here’s what I’m doing.

I do want to stress that I am an expert in NOTHING, and certainly not diet. What I can tell you is there isn’t much room in my schedule for proper exercise, but I did make changes and I presume this is getting me results.

Do more chores/yard work because exercise is kinda boring.
Again, since I don’t have much time to do things that aren’t on my list of chores, finding stuff that has to get done around the house that also gives me a workout is a big plus. Clean out any part of your house: the garage, attic, basement, whatever. Mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges… it’s all good. I read somewhere online that for men with belly fat like myself, anaerobic is a great fatter burner, so lifting those pesky heavy boxes full of junk is apparently helpful for your waistline and at the same time, you’ve eliminated a clutter and/or fire hazard in your home – well done!

Eat less carbs.
I used to eat sandwiches for lunch, but I’ve switched my custom to wraps or pita, and it seems to make a difference. Make sure you don’t get that super thick pita, though! And while I do enjoy a good piece of toast in the morning (and this is probably the best time to eat carbs as you have all day to burn them), I switched to plain oatmeal and bananas. These are my biggest changes and this is what I eat for lunch five days a week, so I assume it’s a big part of my success.
Is it just me, or are hotdog buns too big for hot dogs? I usually eat two hotdogs in a sitting, but I put them on one bun because funk those carbs.

Eat more protein.
“Nuts to that!” you say, because you’re an old timey newspaper boy. Well, nuts are protein, so there you go. The other thing I did was get rid of any junk food at work and after lunch, I eat nuts and/or an apple. I’ve also started cooking tofu, which is way easier than I thought… I’ll write or video about that sometime soon.

Eat more fruits and vegetables.
Yeah, the five day a week banana and apple treatment is probably the biggest change in this category, but I’m trying to eat more salad (which I like anyway) and add any vegetable portion to dinner as well.

Apparently, closing your eyes while moving helps you burn more calories and strengthen your core at the same time.
I like to run up the stairs at work because I’m a danger to myself and others. The internet told me that if you close your eyes when you exercise (they recommend doing this on a stationary bike or some other safe way), your core immediately gets into the act of helping you stay balanced to compensate for your lack of vision. (This is presumably why Daredevil is so jacked.) Thus, blind exercising strengthens your core or something.

Anyway, good luck dropping pounds like they hot, yo!


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  1. I need ankle strength myself, so I stand on one foot and then close my eyes. Cue windmilling. It’s great exercise for just standing still.

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