Superman Unbound (quick movie review)

I can’t help but compare Superman Unbound to its vastly superior counterpart, Superman/Batman: Apocalypse. The plot of the two movies are so similar that I feel Superman Unbound doesn’t really need to exist. At the very least, we didn’t need these two movies just three or so years apart. Granted, Superman/Batman: Apocalypse has a lot more going on, but you can’t escape the fact that Superman Unbound follows the recent trend of boring DC Animated Universe movies, including Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox and Justice League: War.

Superman Unbound is for hardcore fans only, and I think even they will be disappointed. (I prefer the 90s TV version of Brainiac…) I’m giving this flick a 3 out of 10, and I’m only giving it that high a grade because I was able to finish watching the damn movie. I recommend watching/re-watching Superman/Batman: Apocalypse instead of this uninteresting collection of explosions that somehow got a PG-13 rating.


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