When a baby bird falls out of the nest (Nurse Becky Explains)


Our old friend Nurse Becky is back! Today, she brings us a story of compassion triumphing over organization starring the littlest robin you’ll ever see.

Nurse Becky found a robin outside and apparently abandoned, so she and her family took it upon themselves to save the little fella. Much to their disappointment, the local animal control had no interest in helping; they simply suggested that they put the bird back outside and let nature take it’s course. This brought to mind Louie CK’s appearance on Conan in which he explains that a veterinarian told him that if his dog ate dark chocolate, he could watch the dog die or leave the room.

This was obviously a joke, but animal control wasn’t joking – their advice was, “Meh, just let the bird die.” Way to be a positive force in the community, animal control!

Ultimately, Nurse Becky was able to get in touch with The Raptor Trust. These folks know what they’re doing – they were able to help Nurse Becky hook up with an animal hospitals that can look after a bird until they’re ready to go to the rescue center.

The moral of this tale (tail?) is that there’s always a way to save life – you just have to roll up your sleeves and make more than one phone call. Anyway, if you’re looking for me this weekend, I’ll be muttering under my breath about stupid animal control this, stupid animal control that.



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