Germany Triumphs over Brazil, most Americans have no idea what you’re talking about (2014 World Cup)

american-watching-soccerYesterday, Germany stunned Brazil and their fans by handing them a 7-1 defeat.  That’s as lopsided a score as any you’ll see in children’s soccer game, but Germany’s win is the biggest margin of victory in a semifinal game in World Cup history.

And Americans are generally aware this took place.  

The population of the United States is over 318 million.  20 million Americans watched the US’s final World Cup game.  What is that, like 16% of the country?  (NOTE:  FEEL FREE TO CORRECT MY MATH!)  The World Cup is easily the most popular thing happening on earth right now, and about 85% of Americans’ policy on this event is:

“Word?  That’s still going on?”

Since the United States is out, England, Brazil and Germany were apparently the most popular teams among Americans, but now we’re talking about 40% of American World Cup fans, not 40% of Americans.

So what does all of this mean?

I dunno.  Soccer requires patience and Americans may not be the most patient people.  Have you driven around this country?  Greater New York City traffic is no picnic, but I’ve heard tales of woe out of Los Angeles and I’ve experienced the horror that is Atlanta for myself… so yeah, we are not big fans of waiting around.  However, we will tolerate waiting around between pitches in baseball, between plays in football (someone did a study showing there is more down time in football than baseball, which is fascinating in itself…) and during TWO breaks for hockey games!  All Nascar includes is people turning left turns for what seems like several days.

So why can’t we, as a country, get super excited about soccer?  The world may never know.

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