The Drumming of Andrea Vadrucci aka Vadrum (Attention Must Be Paid)

The Drumming of Andrea Vadrucci is something I’ve been enjoying for many years and I’m ashamed at how long it’s taken me to finally do an Attention Must Be Paid on the one known as Vadrum.

Huh… I don’t have a ton to say on Mr. Vadrucci’s drumming… it’s awesome. I love his technique, his choices – I even love how his drums sound. Maybe it’s the size of toms he’s chosen or how he tunes them…I dunno. And Mr. Vadrucci’s magic feet are not to be missed. (I’ve always wondered if Neil Peart would be doing something like this if he was of this generation…)

If Super Mario Bros 3 isn’t your cup of tea, then maybe you’ll dig his take on the Barber of Seville.

Enough of my yackin’ – if you haven’t already, check out the clips, hit up his YouTube channel (Vadrum) and bask in the awesome-ness that is Mr. Vadrucci’s drumming.

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