Dracula Untold (movie trailer)

Let’s all let out a collective sigh and watch the Dracula Untold trailer.

Me thinks the movie trailer doth say too much!

I don’t have any interest in a Dracula origin story movie… although I do like the ideas that the trailer puts forward. (This is what Anakin Skywalker’s arc was supposed to be in the Star Wars prequels, but we all know how well that turned out…) The problem is, almost the entire movie is in the trailer! The only question that’s left to answer is, “Does Dracula save his family?” If the movie has any balls or logic, the answer is no – he gives up his humanity for nothing, thus setting the stage for becoming the biggest monster in the history of the world. Then they could make a sequel where Dracula is the antagonist – it could be bad ass. But it’ll probably be crap.

Why do I think so? This trailer looks like it was made in a factory, and the movie kinda does, too. Here’s a nearly identical looking trailer:

That’s crazy, huh? Right down to the morbid cover of a popular 80s pop tune. Wrath of the Titans was jamming out to “Sweet Dreams” while Dracula Untold prefers a “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” sort of vibe. As if you needed confirmation, but despite the movies being released by different studios, both films are by Legendary Pictures.

ASIDE:  I like the idea that somewhere, people were having a meeting about the synergy between Tears for Fears and Dracula – that’s kinda awesome.

So, I guess we’re condemned to rehashing the same stories forever… oh well. If they’d just not call this Dracula and vary up his powers, we’d barely notice the relation. I guess it could be worse – they could be remaking I Come in Peace.

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