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game-of-thrones-logoThis beginning/midish point of season 2 of Game of Thrones is kinda plodding. The little that is going on isn’t especially interesting and it’s as though every single scene is developing a different thread of the overall plot. I think I’d rather they devote each episodes to two plot threads instead of five, but that’s life.

Long live Peter Dinklage! Long may he reign!
Tyrion’s manipulation of the Small Council is masterful in this episode, as is Peter Dinklage’s performance. How many times do you think Peter Dinklage’s sides say “he takes a drink?” After every other line, I presume.

Do you believe in magic?
So now we’re foreshadowing that Bran Stark is magic? How long till this thread is fully revealed? I’m guessing six episodes.

How many Kings is that?
I remember Queen Lannister saying that several episodes ago and that’s no exaggeration. So King Renly Baratheon is where? And they don’t like the lannisters because… I guess they are King Robert’s family? I am so confused… And could his queen’s outfit be more revealing? Who designed that costume, Jennifer Lopez? Jeez! Of course, this lady is part of our Obligatory Boobs moment for this episode, so one could argue her outfit is foreshadowing. If a woman exposes the entire space between her breasts while still wearing clothing and not really exposing her breasts at all, is that still considered cleavage or is there another word for that? I’m just curious… this isn’t important. Anyway, I guess.. kudos to Queen Margaery for being pragmatic about Renly’s homosexuality… I guess it’d be more palatable to have the King’s lover involved in their heir producing if he wasn’t Margaery’s brother.

This Balon guy doesn’t like the Stark’s because why? And wouldn’t it make sense for him to align himself with Renly Baratheon and the Starks? The three of them together could easily crush King’s Landing and eliminate the Lannisters forever. That seems like that which would be best for all of them, but whatever.

The March Toward the Inevitable Conclusion of Arya’s Thread
I really thought I cared about what happened to Arya, but now that we’re getting their, I find that I’m losing interest. I guess it should be noted at this point that we never saw her sword teacher die and he could be out there somewhere. If he were to come back into the story (which I hope he does because he’s an insanely likable character), rescuing Arya would be the right time to drop him back in. Oh, and if you’re keeping score at home, this thread was this episode’s home for Obligatory Gore.

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  1. They’ve been foreshadowing that Bran is going to Be Important for a while.

    Yes, you’ve reached the point of four lines all waiting — standard soap opera trope. Super annoying, but they’ve got a lot of stories to cover.

    Renly (youngest brother of King Robert) wants to be king (since Ned told him that Stannis is the heir, and he feels like his older brother couldn’t possibly be a good king), and is being supported by the Tyrells (their sigil is the Rose).

    Balon rebelled against the King Robert, and in return Ned and the King killed a few of his sons, and basically destroyed his fleet — forcing him back to the Iron Islands in ignomonious defeat. Then they took Balon’s son Theon as a hostage/ward…

    • yeah, seriously – get to the point about Bran already. and is his little brother magic, too? he also had the dream… or is Bran so powerful he’s projecting
      So his Renly the brother of the guy who hangs out at the Breach with the Priestess?
      huh -thanks for explaining! i missed all that exposition.
      Hostage/Ward? GoT likes that position in life! (isn’t that what the roll the Stark girl is currently playing at King’s Landing?)

      • Bran’s little brother might be magic too….

        Renly (you’ve seen him a lot in Season 1…) is the brother of the guy on the beach.

        Sansa is indeed a hostage/ward, but she’s also a fiancee. And being a hostage to the Lannisters is different than being a hostage to the Starks.

      • True enough, sir – although I presume it depends on why you’re a hostage

  2. Mrph. Arya’s swordteacher may be in her storyline already…

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