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game-of-thrones-logoNow that Season 2 of Game of Thrones is in full swing and the characters continue to multiply, it’s become more of a “I at least know who these people are, so I’ll care about them” sort of thing rather than trying to sort this all out in my head. Hopefully, after a few more episodes, everything will become clear. Or clearer.

Arya is hanging out with Gendry and the other Night’s Watch recruits when two Royal Guards Guys (The internet tells me these guys are called Gold Cloaks… did JK Rowling come up with that name? “Gold Cloaks” smacks of her Proper Noun Disease.) show up to get Gendry as part of the Murder the Royal Bastards program. This is kinda meaningless for me as I don’t know this Gendry fellow at all, so I don’t care about him. He’s a blacksmith’s assistant and Robert’s bastard son (there’s the show’s favorite word again), but I don’t know him. I’m much more worried about Arya getting found out, but since the Royal Guards Guys aren’t looking for her, they probably wouldn’t pay her much mind anyway… They are trying to illustrate Gendry’s character now… talk about waiting till the last-minute. I guess they waited until it was important. Maybe I’ll care by the time the Gold Cloaks get back with their reinforcements.

Queen Regent Cersei Lannister is the sort of character that makes you yell at the TV. “You’re doing everything wrong!” you shout, but she never hears you. She could end the war and strengthen the defenses at the wall all in five minutes with a wave of her hand, but she’s all, “Nah. I prefer to have a weakened army, more enemies and have the people of the capital hate me and my family.” I’ll say this – she’s good at moving the plot along.

“I’ve spent the last few years developing an immunity to iocane powder.”

Did Melisandre drink all that poison in this episode or the previous one? Either way, all I could think of in that moment was the Princess Bride.

Meanwhile, Across the Narrow Sea, some guy is dead that I couldn’t pick out of a two person lineup. So… yeah.

Then there’s this mystery regarding what this Crater fellow does with his new-born sons, which I guess he gives to the White Walkers so they’ll leave him (Cater) alone. That’s my guess anyway. That makes sense, but I feel like I’m watching two different shows: one is this War & Peace sort of super complicated thing and the other is this epic fantasy, both of which are tied together in the loosest ways possible.

Maybe, as time goes on and The Wall falls (or is breached or whatever), things will merge in a more satisfactory way.

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  1. Cersei thinks she’s far smarter than she really is. That and? Tywin’s actually the guy out fighting the war. She really doesn’t have much control over her daddy.

    And I’m pretty sure we’ve got at least three shows running around — Dany’s Dragons, The Men at the Wall, and Everyone Else having a Party!! (or a war, in this case)

    • I guess Cersei doesn’t deserve the control she has, huh?
      And then there’s the other show, “Let’s GO to the Party” starring the two new factions. Not to mention, “Hey, Winterfell is Still Here!” now in its second season

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