Thoughts on Game of Thrones, episode 10, season 1

Here’s a video of me rambling about season 1 in general if you’re so inclined – some specific points follow in prose form!

game-of-thrones-logoHey, where’s the finale, season 1 of Game of Thrones? I demand action! I demand excitement! I demand… seriously? Boobs? That’s GoT’s answer to EVERYTHING!

Granted, it’s not necessarily the wrong answer, but I expected a bit more excitement out of the season one finale.

So the crow dream was about Sean Bean’s death? That’s it?!?
Dude, if I had nothing else to do, I’d rewatch season 1 and add up how many minutes of the first season are devoted to foreshadowing Ned Stark’s death. I’d need Tony Stark to do a calculation that big!

The Stark GIrls
At least Little Stark Girl is a likable character – I could care less as to what happens to the Older Stark Girl. That character has no interesting qualities – she’s just a jerk, so I don’t care about her fate. Maybe she’ll develop more in Season 1, but for now, whatever. As for Little Stark Girl… why does everything have to be so complicated? There’s absolutely no one available to put her on a horse and run her back to Winterfell? She’s got to be moving with the slowest group ever. How many miles can they possibly go in a day? 10? I presume they’ll all freeze to death in the coming winter before she reaches Winterfell.

“Let’s kill everyone. Also, Robb is king now. Because… Blah.”
Now that the Stark Army (presumably made up of Iron Men) knows of Ned’s death, they are super pissed. Robb and his mom want to kill everyone, which I guess their followers think is a good idea, because they make Robb their king… I kinda thought that mean they’d just go home and forget the whole thing, because why wage a war to avenge one dead man? But no… I guess I don’t see any reason to proclaim Robb king – seems like a formality – he’s already Lord of Winterfell and they certainly aren’t going to pay attention to King’s Landing at this point, so… meh. This war seems kinda pointless.

Joffrey’s a jerk
I get it, GoT – you don’t have to run this into the ground. I don’t think he’s had one scene in the entire first season where he wasn’t a jerk.

Visiting Jaime in prison because…
I dunno. It doesn’t seem to advance the plot or reveal anything new about the characters. I guess it’s just to remind the audience that Jaime is in jail. Huh. Is this the way he spells his name? I don’t use that spelling… but to each his own, I suppose.

Gotta Keep Them Blood Lines Pure…

I guess Cersei’s thinking is that in a world with no birth control, any time one feels the urge, they could get pregnant, and since she’s all about keeping the blood lines pure and her brother isn’t available, her cousin will have to do. I guess that’s what’s going on here. Gross.

Other characters are realizing Peter Dinklage is awesome
Tyrion will now serve as acting Hand of the King while his dad is off waring. That makes sense! Well done, GoT! I love it! Of course, he’s not supposed to bring the prostitute and he will anyway, so that’ll get him fired and I’ll be annoyed.

Drogo, Daenerys… I don’t care
The point of all this is to get Daenerys in charge of something, but it would have been much more interesting if Drogo had lived and turned leadership over to Daenerys because of her brilliance, compassion, dragon powers and other excellent qualities. That would have been a nice arc for Drogo, but instead, he dies a very stupid death. I guess Daenerys having to smother him was supposed to reveal something about her character, but I never thought she was incapable of doing what has to be done. She’s always done that.
Anyway, DRAGONS! They’ve been foreshadowing this forever, and it’s finally out-of-the-way. I’m grateful for that. And of course, obligatory boobs. HBO is often shy about genitalia, but a digital dragon covers all.

Well, that’s season 1 of  Game of Thrones for you.

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  1. The book seriously did a way better job with Bran’s storyline.

    As for younger Stark (arya?) — No, there’s no one available. All the Stark bannermen were killed, and she’s hiding from anyone because they’d all be smart enough to turn her in to the queen.

    Robb was talking about pledging loyalty to either Stannis or Renly (Roberts Brothers), but his men didn’t like it.

    Yes, Jaime is spelled Jaime (and it’s way more annoying to type than Robb).

    Cersei is merely rewarding Lancel for helping to kill the king with wine. (also, I guess she wanted sex).

    Drogo would never have given control to Dany. And there’d be no reason to, because she’d be his queen. What he has is hers.

  2. Right… I guess Arya was on her own. i still thought her sword teacher could have taken one of those dude’s swords after he knocked everybody down and taken charge of the Arya situation himself…
    So Renly is the Iron Islands guy, right? Not exactly sure who Stannis is – unless they’re talking about the drummer of Rat Trap Bumpkin.
    Right, totally forgot that was Lancel filling the wine goblet… but then, I never thought of that as a factor. that dude was drunk all the time anyway.
    Well Dorgo’s dead, so now we’ll never know. I’d of liked to see his reaction to her commanding dragons, or Dorgo riding around on a dragon… anyway, that ship has sailed/or horse has galloped in Dorgo’s case.

    • A better question would be: why was he her sword teacher in the first place?

      Theon’s the guy from the Iron Island (and asking Robb “Am I your brother”)

      Renly’s gay, in love with Loras (the blonde Knight of Flowers), and mostly seen in around eps 4-7. He approaches Ned to help him get rid of Cersei.

      Lancel may or may not have poisoned the drink…

  3. whew! i need one of those visual encyclopedias for Game of Thrones.

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