Thoughts on Game of Thrones, episode 9, season 1

game-of-thrones-logoWell, we’ve finally come to it – the 9th episode of season 1 and finally, Game of Thrones has let the foreshadowing pay off.

Ned Stark is dead.
There you have it.  Just when I thought we were rid of the completely idiotic characters, the new king steps in and does something really stupid.  I guess he had no choice – his character is stupid and they’ve been foreshadowing his death since the first episode.  Oh well.  Here’s hoping that the new king isn’t going to be as annoying as that stupid dragon guy.
So long, Sean Bean – thanks for showing up and doing what you do.

And there’s a set of boobs.
I really thought we could get through the climax of the series without another pointless topless woman scene.  But we couldn’t – so, what does the Wise Prostitute have to teach us?  Maybe Peter Dinklag, Wise Prostitute and Sir Guy of Fights for Peter Dinklag will lead a revolution of sanity.
That’s probably too much to hope for.

“I just sent two thousand men to their grave.”
I noticed that, too – I’m glad that didn’t escape Robb’s notice.  And once he hears of his father’s death, it’s all for nothing.  Now that I think about it, the whole thing is kinda ridiculous – starting a war to free three people is bonkers, but nobody on the show feels that way.  It’s just me, I guess.

Vow?  What vow?
Why is that old dude encouraging The Bastard to break his vow to defend The Wall?  Isn’t the very first thing that happened in this show someone getting beheaded for deserting The Wall for a perfectly legitimate reason?  I guess my understanding of the law is lacking.

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  1. The Maester at the Wall isn’t actually encouraging Jon to leave. He’s talking about how much his own vows have cost him — and yet he hewed to them.

    Would you still say that starting a war for 3 people is ridiculous if those people had been our POTUS and his two daughters? (and, remember, this is a feudal state. power resides much more personally than in America).

    • I thought the blind guy was telling Jon he regretted leaving and he was too old and blind to do anything anyway, but he’s still super pissed about it to this day and he’d do something about it if he could. But yeah, the Lord Commander guy is all about the oath.

      Right, I see your point – FEUDAL STATE is the operative term. But I shouldn’t be too surprised that these people would start a war over three people… King Robert started a war over one woman, right? I guess that’s just how these people roll.

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