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game-of-thrones-logoI’m starting to think my Episode 6 post travelled backwards through time as Episode 7 really put a push on the overall arc of season 1 in the way I wanted. And Queen Lannister Blond Lady invoked the title! She said Game of Thrones! SQUEAL!

“Hello Topless Ladies, My Old Friends…”
If ever there was an unnecessary Lesbian Sex Scene in an episode of anything, it’s got to be this one, right? That dude (Little Fingers?) seemed like he was making a point, but then he shouts out, “Play with her @ss!” and… I dunno. Unless he’s metaphorically saying that he’s been playing with Ned Stark’s @ss to win his trust only to betray him later at a point where that dude (Little Fingers? I’m pretty sure they call that dude Little Fingers.) didn’t really need to be an active participant. Wasn’t that his point? I already knew he betrayed Ned because of what had happened five seconds before – I didn’t need to see Little Fingers actually put the knife to Ned’s throat. I thought not putting a knife to people’s throat was that dude’s entire strategy, because “that’s their game.” He plays his game – which is… uhm, @ss play? Anyway, you don’t have to beat the audience over the head, Game of Thrones!

“You win or you die.”
Again, you don’t have to beat the audience over the head. Ned is going to die. WE GET IT.

“Oh right, I’m supposed to be dying in this scene.”
I maintain that King Robert totally forgot he was supposed to be dying at the beginning of the bedroom scene. Then suddenly halfway through, he takes a huge turn for the worst. I did very much like the bit about titles. “Fill in the rest later.” “Titles, Tiles, Tiles, Tiles.” Awesome.

“Peter Dinklage is captured?!? To all our ships at sea! Send out every raven! Rally the Troops! Begin preparations to– What? He’s free? Oh. Well… whatever. I tell everyone in the morning. Or not. I’ll see how I feel.”

Why is it that everyone in the Game of Thrones universe knew that Peter Dinklage Lannister had been captured, but the only people who seem to know he’s free are the ones who witness him win his freedom and the Starks, because he dropped by their house? I guess it can’t be the justification for everything if they know that bit of the story is over. And then we couldn’t do that foreshadowing scene where the Lannister Dad is skinning the deer. That’s somebody’s house emblem, right? The Stark’s? Foreshadowing! I’m right there with you, GoT!

“Hey! The White Walkers are coming! Remember? We’ll keep reminding you!”
I know things are slow at The Wall and at Winterfeld, but rather than just leaving it alone, we keep going back there so they can remind us about the threat of the White Walkers. That plot thread is on life support. They’ve been teasing it the entire season and I am SUPER BORED by it at this point. Just have the White Walkers breach the wall or don’t or… whatever, but enough with the teasing!

“Don’t forget about us! We’re the barbarians! We don’t speak English!”
But at least they’re interesting characters with clear motivations. I was behind the King’s speech (see what I did there?)… at first. Then he went off the rails. Something about how he’d “rape the women” and “make slaves of the children.” Down, boy! Jeez! I was just about to root for you, but then… yeah. Too much. I know they tried to kill your wife and I appreciate you’re pissed, but damn, man. Time for anger management class.

Three episodes left! Let’s rap this sucker up! Maybe winter is coming, but war is certainly on the horizon, too.

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  1. Petyr Baelish’s Nickname is Littlefinger (he explains why he’s called that during the joust a few episodes back).

    As to why everyone knew that Tyrion had been captured?
    1) It happened at the Inn at the Crossroads (there are two roads, one that runs east to the Eyrie, and the other that runs north south from Winterfell to King’s Landing). There were a lot of people there.
    2) An arrest of a Lannister is not just Big News, it’s also good business to tell another Lannister. You will be rewarded.
    3) Catelyn Stark was rather loud about arresting Tyrion.

    As to why no one knows that Tyrion is free?
    1) it happened in the ass end of nowhere (the Eyrie)
    2) he leaves via a really dangerous road, and heads into a wartorn Riverlands (Tully territory) — it’s far from certain that he will make it to his father alive.

    The Deer is the Baratheon sigil (aka Robert’s), not the Stark. You can’t see it, but I’m smiling…

    Lol at your anger management class.

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