Thoughts on Game of Thrones, episode 6, season 1 (tv review)

game-of-thrones-logoEpisode 6 of Game of Thrones is what they call a “false sense of security” episode. This is the part where it seems like things are going well again for the characters you’re supposed to care about… right before things get really bad.

“Here’s your crown.”
My wish was finally granted!
After five episodes of listings to that crazy dude with the long super blond hair complain about “my army, my throne, my sister, don’t give me orders, blah, blah, blah, I’m an antagonist,” that dude finally died an ironic death when his sister’s husband poured a bunch of hot gold on his head. Not only am I glad this guy is dead because I’m tired of his whining, but if a dude is so dumb he can’t figure out that this is not the sort of society where you can pull a sword on a king’s wife in front of everybody, he was gonna die eventually anyway, and it probably would have been a far stupider death.

From unintentional to intentional dragon incubation… and also immune to fire because… dragon.
So now Khaleesi (I get that this is her title, not her name, but let’s face it – this is progress for me) is intentionally putting the dragon eggs in fire because… instinct, I guess. She’s the true dragon – whatever that means. I guess it means she can control dragons. And she has dragon eggs, so… yeah. Simple math. Who knows how long we’ll have to wait to see one of these dragons. I’m betting one starts to hatch in the last episode of this season – seems like a good cliffhanger.

“I can has Cheezburger (IE, Obligatory Boobs)?”
We certainly got some gore during the ‘trial by champion’ for Peter Dinklage, but were there really no boobs in this episode? I can scarcely believe it, but it might be true. I guess GoT forgot to take its viagra for this episode. I’d go back and check again, but I can’t rewatch an hour-long episode just to do a boob check… even if that does sound like the best job in the universe. “What do you do for a living?” “Oh, I’m a boob checker.” “I bow to you, sir!”

The law in this universe is what now?
So Peter Dinklage was arrested on circumstantial evidence… it was stupid, but I understand it. Meanwhile, some lowly peasant shows up and tells Ned Stark that some dude wrecked his village and because said suspect cut off a horse’s head just like that one dude did at the joust game, we must assume it’s the black knight guy. With no real evidence at all. Even the eyewitness’ testimony was flimsy… but Ned Stark just strips that black knight dude of his title, money, lands, rank, his collection of vintage Captain America trading cards, you name it. In front of everybody. Yeah, pretty sure this is going to lead to ol’ Ned’s death.  Just when it seemed things were bad for him after quitting as King’s Hand and getting speared in the leg, now he goes and does this, which I think will be the last straw.

The real Game of Thrones is the waiting game – for the characters and the audience
King Fatso The Magnificent has to die at some point, right? How long do I have to wait for that to happen? I presume that he must die because:
1. he’s not very good at nor really wants to be king and that’s just a thing that happens in this kind of story telling
2. lots of other people want to be king
3. it’s not much of a Game of Thrones if the throne is not up for grabs
So yeah. Just one more thing for us to wait for together, characters and audience united.

“I dreamed a dream about the accident that left me crippled…”
I am so tired of Little Stark’s dream. Can he just remember already?!? Jeez! Either have him remember now or don’t, but stop teasing it! Also, why does the crow have an extra eye? Do all crow’s have extra eyes in this universe, or is that the producer’s way of telling me that this is ‘supposed to be a dream? Anyway, get on with it. Can you imagine what this show would be like if HBO would have ordered 15 episodes per season? Sheesh.

I know I complain a lot, but I am enjoying the show. It’s not perfect, but it’s engaging and it has excellent flow. Until next time, always pay your debts!

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  1. You’re putting more thought into the show than most people do.
    Sometimes it’s not what tale is being told (that Viserys was going to get himself killed was obvious), but how it’s told that matters.

    GREGOR (the Mountain That Rides), in all fairness, is pretty much the biggest guy in the kingdom. And is known to be loyal (swear fealty to) the Lannisters, who are pissed at Ned for kidnapping Tyrion.

    You’ll learn later exactly how much of a brute GREGOR has been, but he’s got quite the reputation…

    Lord Tywin Lannister is NOT trying to be subtle here.
    It’s funny that Littlefinger thinks he needs to clue Ned in, because it’s totally obvious.

    The Three-Eyed Crow (yes, it gets capital letters) is Important. Bran’s storyline is much, much better in the books — and I’ll say no more, so as not to spoil.

    • I think Ned needs all the help he can get – the Starks are not great at grasping the obvious – hence kidnapping Tyrion.
      Three-Eyed-Crow sounds like a 90s grunge band.

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