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game-of-thrones-logoI watched episode 5 of Game of Thrones last night – join me after the jump as I celebrate the beginning of the end of Season 1.

One does not simply kill Sean Bean
Ned Stark! I’ve finally got it! Sean Bean’s plays a character named Ned Stark! Now that I’ve got that down, he has to die.
I gotta tell you, I am not loving this aspect of the plot. I like the idea of losing a character you like, but I don’t like the idea that he has to die because his wife is an idiot. At least they are not just randomly killing him – they’ve been setting it up for a while now. I was wondering what the unjust killing of the wolf was foreshadowing, and now I get it. It’s noble to sacrifice yourself for your wife, but her arrest of Peter Dinklage was about the stupidest thing anyone on this show has ever done.

Hi, I’m Peter Dinklage, the only reasonable character on the show
Well, that’s not an entirely fair statement – Ned Stark is fairly reasonable. I just can’t believe Peter Dinklage had to point out to Mrs. Stark (Lady Stark? I just can’t ever remember anyone’s name on this show) that giving an assassin his knife to kill someone is the dumbest thing ever. Why would the Lannisters use a dagger that could be traced back to any member of their family? Particularly when they could have used any dagger or even a kitchen knife that could never be traced… so dumb.

Since I’m saying hello to things, “Hi again, unnecessary bobs. Sorry, violence and gore, I didn’t see you there – I was distracted by boobs.”
Yep, more unnecessary boobs in this episode. We’ve arrived back at what is now becoming an age-old principle of my Game of Thrones blog: a scene in a brothel most include topless women, end of story. Oh, and there’s a horrible battle on the road with violence, many killed, lots of gore, Peter Dinklage has to cave in somebody’s face with a shield… yeah, that happened to. I imagine HBO executives describe this style amongst themselves as “sexy gross.”

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  1. Martin does loooove setup. Of course, that’s not to say he always follows through on it.

    HBO did basically insist on putting in all the boobs/violence. (They learned from Carnivale, an excellent show killed far too early because most people wouldn’t watch it).

    …. you’ll like Episode six!

    • Setup is super important and they’re doing it well, but five episodes/hours feels like a long time to wait!
      That makes sense from HBO’s perspective – making this show must be a huge capital investment

      • Yeah, it’s kinda silly though, because MOST people watching the show are into the soap opera, not the sex/violence. (Okay, sex and violence can be awesome when done well, but… I’m not so sure Game of Thrones succeeds on either count often enough, particularly the first season).

      • Don’t get me wrong, boobs are great, but boobs for the sake of boobs makes the show silly. Boobs are this show’s form of levity. Instead of a joke, you get boobs – or both.

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