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game-of-thrones-logoThe Novice GoT Watcher returns! It’s episode 3 of season 1 of Game of Thrones and the boobs are back! They’re not important to the story, but they’re back, baby! BOOBS!

I have to give it to the Game of Thrones folks; obviously, there is absolutely no way to have a scene in a Brothel without topless women. It is impossible. IMPOSSIBLE, I tell you! It can not be done. Sometimes, it feels like the show is produced by the characters of the show.

A lot and yet a little happened in episode 3:

The Super Blonde Queen Lady (as opposed to the blonde queen who isn’t quite as blond, naked or young) is pregnant. She’s also feeling her oats now and acting more to her position.

The Stark kid who fell (I have now figured out that their name is Stark! Also, the blonde people have a name as well! Progress!) is alive, paralyzed and can’t remember anything… wait, why was he unconscious for so long? I’m not a doctor, but I don’t get how he’s just awake now with no problems other than being paralyzed from the waist down. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a huge problem, but that dude fell a long way… yet his brain and the rest of his body doesn’t seem hurt. No broken arm? Sheesh, no brain damage? That kid doesn’t even have a bruise on his face!

The Starks met with… other people who helped them figure out who the knife belonged to, which means nothing to the audience as we already know it was the blond people who wanted to finish the job after they dropped the Stark kid off the castle.

Meanwhile, “the Stark Bastard” is at the wall, schooling everyone in his bad ass fighting skills. Apparently, those White Walkers or whatever they’re called from that first scene of the first episode are a big deal. And they’re coming. I guess.

So what is the deal with this planet’s rotation? Or is it these people’s calendar? How is it their seasons vary by so much? Because it sounds like one summer was 10 years long, then another winter was three years long… what? It also sounds like they’re not always the same – I think someone referenced a 10 year winter. Maybe they’ll explain this in the future…

Also, just hatch one of the dragon eggs already. Super Blonde Queen Lady is keeping them warm with the candles… I think we all see where this is going. Just do it already and stop showing me the dragon eggs every episode so I don’t forget they exist.

Also, Peter Dinklage is the only likable character in the damn show. Maybe everyone else will stop being so flat at some point in the future.

For whatever reason, I am finding myself more attached to Game of Thrones after this third episode than I was after the first two… I guess I liked this episode the best of the first three because it was more about characters and less about boobs, fighting and gore. I like those three things, but there needs to be something behind them for me to be invested, and I guess this third episode had that.

See you next time – for now, I’m patiently wait for Peter Dinklage to get framed for throwing the kid off the castle thingy.


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  1. Yes, occasionally you think the characters are shooting the show. Ned’s shots are way different from Littlefingers.
    And some of what you find absolutely obvious is making me roll on the floor laughing.

    • The one thing I do notice regarding the shots is the forced back lighting. No organic light source on set? Don’t care – back lighting! It really makes the sets stick out
      I guess you are up to date on the show? I’m 3 and a half seasons behind, so I hope my perspective… I dunno, reminds you why you liked season 1 and have stayed with the show.

  2. Of course I’m going to watch the rest of them. I’m just watching them with my inlaws. (finally managed to break motherinlaw out of habit of covering her face when boobs appear! Progress is good!)

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