"Spring Break Anthem" by The Lonely Island is the best new song I've heard in a while

It’s rare that one song can accomplish so much all at once, but that’s exactly what The Lonely Island’s "Spring Break Anthem" has achieved.

We, as a society, condone crazy behavior at Spring Break because… I dunno, it’s Spring Break, so whatever, get wild, MTV style. Yet we are just barely rapping (forgive the pun) our heads around gay marriage. For some reason, it’s fine that during this one week of the year, college kids behave like they’re filming that party scene from The Ten Commandments, but if two men want to be married… well, we are still fighting this out amongst ourselves as to what this means for society as a whole. To some, it seems that Spring Break debauchery is just as sinful as gay marriage… which is ridiculous, particularly when you consider the most mundane of tasks related to a wedding. My favorite is the choosing the font bit, but that’s just me.

There’s also what I refer to as the "Mountain Dew Principle" at work within the song. There was a point where people were screaming "Extreme!" all the time (and spelling it "Xtreme!"), so listing all of the debauchery that occurs at a wild Spring Break falls under the extreme lifestyle… or xtreme, whatever. Hence, "Spring Break Anthem" is also sorta saying, "Yeah, let’s get drunk, do coke, get girls to jump on trampolines… oh and let’s keep the party going! Let’s get CRAZY! Let’s marry a man!" As in, "Yeah bro, we could throw bowling balls off the hotel roof into the pool, or… MARRY A MAN!"

I am in love with "Spring Break Anthem" – it’s simultaneously commenting on society’s view of Spring Break behavior, Xtreme lifestyle and gay marriage while being funny and giving us quality musical production. This is important because first and foremost, "Spring Break Anthem" is a song, and it’s a well constructed, great sounding song, too! The Lonely Island really outdid themselves here – this is going to be almost impossible to top.


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