My proposal for Downton Abbey Season 4

Downton Abbey was a big deal in my house. Was. The death of Matthew put an end to all of the excitement and turned ‘must see TV’ into ‘we’re never watching that show again.’ In a desperate attempt to save Dr. Girlfriend’s favorite show, I started writing something that I hoped I could convince the folks over at Carnival Films and Masterpiece to put into production for Season 4, but it was not to be. Still, I did write the thing up, so I thought I’d share with you my opening scene for the first episode of Season 4 that would begin the process of undoing the horrors of Season 3 and the Christmas special.


MARY is wandering about the grass, no destination in mind. The tragedies she’s seen in the last few years are seen in fast clips – the death of the KEMAL, her mother’s injury and miscarriage, Downton as a nursing home during the war, MATTHEW’S injury, WILLIAM’S death, her sister SYBIL’S death and MATTHEW’S death. She stops walking, overwhelmed, and covers her face with her hands as she begins to cry.

There is a bright flash of light and the booming of modern technology. MARY stares in shock at the likes of which she’s never seen before – a shiny, steel automobile of a design that is unrecognizable to her has appeared and the grinding sound of brakes on metal is heard as it skids to a halt just abreast of her.

The door to the car opens and DR. EMMETT BROWN hopes out, slightly unsteady, followed by his dog, EINSTEIN.


Woof woof!

runs off

BROWN runs over to MARY and grabs her by the shoulders.


Thank God you’re here, just like you’re supposed to be! Let’s go!

BROWN pulls MARY toward the car.


struggles to speak

Wh.. wh.. who ar- ar…?

Dr. Emmett Brown. I’m a scientist. But we’ve got to go! Something’s got to be done about the past to save the future!


Go? Where?


To the past! We’ve got to save them!

looks past Mary

Good boy, Einstein! I see your mission was a success.

EINSTEIN is trailed by ISIS – they both hop into the Delorean.


The past? How? Save who?


Everyone! Your husband, your sister, William… all of them! Oh, and we can’t let Thomas evade the court martial he should have faced for that incident with the lighter during the war! The consequences are disastrous!


But… what does Isis have to do with this?


Oh, Isis? Well, to be honest, you people are idiots – we’re just adopting her so she doesn’t get locked in a shed again or something. Now let’s go!

DOC shoves MARY into the Delorean.

I don’t understand! This is madness! One can’t drive to the past!


Of course you can! But I’d rather fly.

MARY’s eyes open wide with shock as the car begins to lift off the ground. She holds on for dear life.


It’s true then… are we really going back to the past? Can we really save my Matthew?


It’s true – and we will save them. The future depends on it. And besides, things are entirely too gloomy around Downton –

DOC breaks the fourth wall and looks into the camera

Who’d want to see that?

The car banks around 180 degrees and flies toward Downton, accelerating steadily to 88 miles per hour. Mary covers her eyes and we see the car steadily ascending and accelerating until it disappears into flaming tire tracks.


Can you believe no one wanted to film this?!?

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