5 Funny Musical Moments in Movies that are not Musicals

I love movies and I love music, but I don’t necessarily love musicals. However, I do love it when movies will spontaneously break out into song. It’s a rare, awesome and hilarious thing that happens in the occasional movie. Here are 5 Funny Musical Moments in Movies that are not Musicals – just a few of my favorites.

Boogie Nights – Dirk Diggler sings "You Got the Touch"
I just didn’t see this coming. It’s so unexpected not just because it seems so out of character for this movie, but also because Mark Wahlberg is in realty of a very good singer.

Billy Madison sings the Victory Song (More Gum)
The unexpected nature of a full musical number in the middle of a screwball comedy is what makes this work so well. This is before Adam Sandler movies became straight up ponzi schemes/vacations for Sandler and his friends.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – "Danke Schoen" & "Twist and Shout"
It’s not quiet the same as Matthew Broderick isn’t actually singing, but it does have that full blown musical number feel – totally unexpected in this 80s breaking the fourth wall comedy.

Clue – "For She’s a Jolly Good Fellow" & the Singing Telegram

You have to love the harmonizing/improving by Madeline Kahn as Mrs. White – so hilarious. It’s not outdone by the Singing Telegram, but the timing in that sequence is excellent.

The club performance of the Vampire Musical from Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Again, so unexpected – I didn’t expect Jason Segel to perform the song as Dracula. That’s what makes it so effective – and, of course, the maniacal laughing.


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