Pan (a movie coming in 2015 that we don't really need)

I can’t imagine why anyone would think we need a new Peter Pan movie. The very reason Amblin Entertainment made Hook was most likely that no one had a new take on Peter Pan because there is absolutely nothing left to be done there. It’s Peter Freakin’ pan – it’s been done. What’s left to do… besides make shiz up?

The big headliner on 2015’s Pan is Hugh Jackman as… wait for it… Blackbeard. Not Captain Hook, but Blackbeard. (Yet Hook is still in the picture…) Why add a real person to a fictional story? Sure, that can work, but you’ve got to do it just right, and somehow, I can’t imagine that they’re going to add Blackbeard, the pirate known for being all reputation and no killing successfully to a story about a little boy who flies and never grows up in a pleasing way.

Time may prove me wrong, but this has all the signs of being a legendary stinker. We’ll see…

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