5 Actors Left Out of The Expendables 3

Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables series has brought together some of the biggest action stars of the last several decades together into one movie, and this third time out is no exception. Bruce Willis has been replaced by Harrison Ford, Wesley Snipes is now on board and so is… Kelsey Grammar? That’s right, action movie legend and Cheers regular Kelsey Grammar is in The Expendables 3… and for some reason, these five actors didn’t make the cut. Here are five guys we would have liked to see in The Expendables 3.

Steven Seagal
This seems like a no brainer. The Expendables franchise is all about old, washed up actions stars, so you’ve got to wonder why one of the oldest, most washed up action stars in the history of Hollywood hasn’t made an appearance yet. Seriously, Steven Seagal is Hard to Kill – how can they not include this guy?!?

Samuel L. Jackson
I know that ‘Samuel L. Jackson’ and ‘action movies’ aren’t exactly like peas and carrots, but given that Samuel L. Jackson seems to be in most movies, you’d think he’d be in at least one of The Expendables movies, too. He is a bad MoFo, after all. He’s even played “the big black private dick who’s a sex machine to all the chicks.” I’m fairly certain he’s more than qualified.

Nicolas Cage
This might be the most shocking omission of all because Nicolas Cage will literally appear in any movie… oh, maybe the stipulation is that he’s the lead in said movie? I guess that position has already been in filled in the franchise. Maybe they just don’t want that dude screaming all over their picture.

Tom Cruise
I know, Tom Cruise would never do it, but then, I can’t believe he’s agreed to do Top Gun 2, so I guess anything is possible. On the other hand, he only seems to do sci-fi action movies these days… well, unless it’s the Mission Impossible series, but that’s his baby.

Clint Eastwood

That’s right, I want Dirty Harry in the movie! For some reason, I think it’s a really good idea that Sylvester Stallone push Clint Eastwood around in a wheelchair that has machine guns mounted on each arm rest. “Do you feel lucky, punk?” Not if Clint Eastwood is around, you’re not! They could do some shtick where he threatens empty chairs… it’d be great!

HONORABLE MENTION: John Travolta, Digital John Wayne (like they did for that awful beer commercial years back)

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