Eyeglass frames model photoshopped? (truth in advertising)

Photoshopping models is nothing new, but it’s something that’s outside of my experience. I’ve heard about it in the news, but I kinda live in a model free world as I don’t read magazines or observe the sort of still images where the said photoshopped models images exist. That all changed after my How to Buy Eyeglasses post.

Once the internet figures out what you like, they serve you ads accordingly. That’s not a bad thing. I know people have privacy concerns, but since getting served ads is not an optional experience, the ads might as well suit my needs. Hence, I’m now seeing eyeglass ads everywhere.

This brings me to the ad image itself and the model in question. I think all that’s happening here is that a different woman’s face has been photoshopped onto the woman’s body. Maybe I’m wrong; maybe it’s just that her face has been altered, but it looks to me that the face is just too light in color… maybe that’s what it is – or, maybe it’s just as simple as they stuck a big light in this woman’s face, but somehow kept that light source from spilling onto any other part of her body…. I dunno. It just doesn’t look right to me.

Maybe it’s just me and this is an authentic photo, but it just doesn’t look genuine to me.

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