A Few Quick Words On The Final Episode Of The IT Crowd, "The Internet is Coming" (tv review)

The IT Crowd is easily one of my favorite comedies of all time and, after four short seasons, it was gone. Then, suddenly, a final episode appeared to bring closure to the fans of Jen, Roy, Moss and the on-goings of Reynholm Industries.

Rather than recap the episode or spoil it for you in any way, I’ll just strongly recommend you go check it out. If you’re not a fan, I can’t imagine it will make much sense to you, but that probably goes without saying…

As for a non-spoiler review, I will say that I enjoyed the episode very much. It had that prefect IT Crowd feel and it was full of plenty of laughs. In terms of closure on the series… it didn’t really feel like an ending for me, not a solid ending, anyway. I get the impression that all of this was written for a fifth season and when that didn’t happen, they took all the bits they liked and made this forty minute episode and then tacked on an ending to the series that feels rushed to me. Still, it’s a very entertaining and funny episode, and that’s all I want from The IT Crowd anyway.

You can currently (who knows how long it will last) watch the last episode of The IT Crowd on Hulu, smothered in a zillion commercial breaks. There are also several clips on youtube which are described as ‘bonus clips*,’ but they’re all just cuts from the episode itself and not additional material. It’s a forty minute bonanza that I think fans of the show will appreciate.

*The word ‘bonus’ tends to imply ‘additional, more or extra,’ which is why I felt the need to explain what the clips include – hence, they are choke full of spoilers.

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