Mila Kunis is doing commercials for Jim Beam for some reason

So does Mila Kunis work at the Jim Bean plant now?

I presume the reason Mila Kunis is doing Jim Bean commercials is that they dumped a big pile of money on her front lawn, but maybe she likes the product, too… I dunno. There’s another spot where she’s walking around the bourbon barrel storage area and there’s all these sleeping bears, because bears like honey and now they’re putting honey in some of their bourbon, and bourbon needs to age before you drink it, and bears hibernate… synergy!

I guess you could say I find this ad campaign awkward. Actors hocking products is just different than sports figures selling sporting goods. I wonder what I would think of Tom Cruise trying to sell me a home entertainment center…

There’s something weird about celebrity endorsements… you ever see Adrien Brody’s Stella Artois commercial? Anyway, these sort of commercials always catch me off guard.

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  1. Couldn’t Jim Beam, find a real woman?

    Mila looks and sounds ridiculous. As ridiculous as mating with Ashton Kutcher, if not worse. I’m embarrassed for her.
    She’s selling out.

    • I did hear Alec Baldwin say that when these commercial opportunities come up, you have to take them. He called it free money – that leant this some much needed perspective, I think

  2. actually googled “ridiculous Jim Beam ad” because Mila looks exactly like that doing this ad. It shows her seriously working and speaking like it was her job. Awkwardly uncomfortable also comes to mind.

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