Spam Email featuring Twilight is awesome!

I know that these spam email folks are serious about their work. They obviously put a lot of time and thought into these emails they compose so we’ll read and click them. If not, what’s the point? But this one… this one is genius. Bringing Twilight into the whole thing is not only a smart move, but it brings a certain amount of irony to the situation as Twilight itself is a bit of a manipulative scam unto itself.

I know this sort of spam, keyword rich, broken English text isn’t the easiest thing to read, but do your best. Then, decide: are you for Team Edward Cullen or Worker Jacob? I LOVE the phrase ‘Worker Jacob’ and ‘Team Edward Cullen’ makes it sound like he’s raising money for cancer research instead of trying to mac on a girl 100 years his junior. I also like the expression ‘a touch of cleavage;’ it sounds like we’re making a mixed drink. "A touch of cleavage, a hint of lime and we’re done."

Good job, spammers! Keep these hilarious mails coming! Just don’t expect us to click on them.

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