Enjoy these explicit wine posters

I don’t claim to be a marketing genius, but I gotta tell you, I wouldn’t market wine using these images were I the one calling the shots.

Were I to sell wine, I certainly wouldn’t call it "Sweet Bitch" under any circumstances – especially if I was trying to market it to women. You see, I presume "Sweet Bitch is being marketed toward women because when booze is marketed toward men, the ads don’t tend to prominently display a woman’s eyes or silhouette, but instead, feature an ample amount of BOOBS. As people (particularly women) find the term "bitch" offensive, I’d go a different way, but here we are.

And then we come to the Chilean wine, Culitos. Their poster features three asses because… I dunno. I have no idea what’s going on here. If they’re saying the wine will make me and two women strip down, I… OK, I withdraw my objection. Culitos is now the official wine of this website.

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