X-Men (movie review)

When it comes to the comic book movie that changed everything, most people are quick to point to Superman: The Movie as the first of it’s kind or 1989’s Batman, the movie that showed there’s more than one way to make a comic book movie. But when it comes to pinpointing the flick that brought us the comic book movie environment we live with today, it’s got to be 2000’s X-Men.

Sure, others came before it, but after X-Men, it seemed like there was suddenly a movie in development for every comic book character that had ever existed, and over the last decade plus, many of them have come to pass. (Sometimes twice!) For me, this flick really nailed down the formula; that mixture of action, drama, comedy, fanasy and sci-fi all lumped together. It seemed like Bryan Singer could do no wrong… and then he made Superman Returns.

Back to the matter at hand.

X-Men doesn’t necessarily hand out full biographies of all the characters, but you don’t really need them. It’s clear enough what each person is about, and the details are kinda irrelevant when not necessary to the plot. It’s not all Shakespeare, and the CGI doesn’t always look great, but this movie does a good enough job of delivering – and after X-Men The Last Stand, we really got an idea of how easily one of these movies could turn into a scattered mess.

Look, the movie is fifteen years old at this point, so if you give a shiz, you’ve probably seen it, so I’ll just stop here and say I enjoyed it, but I don’t think it’s a masterpiece – yet, it’s still an innovative, historic movie in comic book movie genre history. I’m giving X-Men an 8 out of 10 – it’s solid entertainment.

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