Spider-Man 2 (movie review)

So, Spider-man 2 is, uhm, I dunno. It’s fine, I guess. Spider-Man’s in it, that’s good. There’s some cool fight scenes. The story… is… uhm… OK. It’s OK. It’s a little on the telenovela side for my taste, but there are worse super hero movies, that’s for sure.

Obviously, there’s lot of stuff to like about this movie – specifically, the bank scene and the train scene. These are great action sequences that I think anyone who saw the movie even just the once way back in 2004 will remember. What people probably don’t remember is the climax. There’s uhm, an explosion, in warehouse… and Spider-Man’s there, and Doc Ock, and Mary Jane… and Doc Ock decides to kill himself… I dunno. Anyway, Mary Jane runs out on her wedding to go be with Peter in his shizy apartment. Something like that. I think that’s how it ends.

On the surface, this movie is a lot of fun – there’s some great action sequences and funny moments – you’ve gotta love the “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head” montage, which gives us one of the best freeze frames ever. The “Peter is a sad-sack” stuff is typical Spider-Man lore, but in a movie, it’s really enough to have the Daily Bugle all of him and have him avoid Mary Jane so he doesn’t get her killed. The movie is stuffed with conflicts between Peter and his bosses (the pizza guy and J. Jonah Jameson), his professors at school, with Mary Jane, with his Aunt, with Harry… it’s just too much for one movie and instead of concentrating on one conflict, there are a thousand. Then Peter psychosomatically loses his powers? Overload, movie! It’s just too much. And I’m barely even touching on Peter and Mary Jane’s weird relationship with Mary Jane (which admittedly gets much weirder in Spider-Man 3), not to mention how weird Mary Jane is in the first place.

Oh, and Harry… wow, is Harry crazy or what? I guess he thinks, “Spider-Man killed my Dad and then brought him home, because that’s what all murderers do.” I just don’t get how he formulated the idea in his mind that Spider-Man killed his father – it just comes out of nowhere. I think that’s why this thread doesn’t work for me.

I wouldn’t call Spider-man 2 a bad movie – it’s not, not by any stretch of the imagination. It’s got great action, but the story is a little weak and at 127 minutes, it feels a little bloated. I’m giving Spider-man 2 a 7.5 out of 10 – there’s some fun stuff here (action, montage), but the tone kinda waves around (Doc Ock’s suicide, basically anything Mary Jane says or does), and the movie’s just too long.

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