Jim Carrey sings “I Am The Walrus” while George Martin looks on, does nothing to stop it

I didn’t bother to look up why this happened: Jim Carrey covered “I Am The Walrus” with Beatles producer George Martin helping out. I’m just going to let this exist and not ponder why.

It goes exactly the way you’d expect it to. Hey, it’s Jim Carrey doing Jim Carrey stuff. If you let that dude in the room, he’s going to do what he does. It’d be like hiring Al Pacino and then complaining he yells all the time.

I’ll never know why someone let Jim Carrey try to ruin “I Am The Walrus” because frankly, I don’t really care to know. What I learned here was that one simply can’t ruin this song. I guess I knew that already, but I think we all knew this was en exercise in futility from the beginning.

Play us out, boys!

(Watch Paul McCartney’s expression while he’s playing – kinda looks like an “Oh” face.)

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