Notorious (a "Better Know Your Hitchcock!" movie review)

Notorious pairs Ingrid Bergman with Cary Grant, ultimately against Claude Rains. It’s typical Alfred Hitchcock – and by that, I mean it’s great.

I feel like there are a ton of Hitchcock movies that take place at least in part at a huge mansion – Marnie and Rebecca come to mind. Otherwise, the film looks like most Hitchcock movies, with the usual Hitchcock camera moves. They show Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant in a single close up shot a lot – I think the idea is to show how close they are, if you take my meaning. There’s a really neat shot where the camera swings around them, going from one close up to another close up. It’s almost a "we’re so close, yet still so far away from each other" sot of thing, which is where their characters are at during this point in the flick. There’s a really cool crane shot at the beginning of the party scene. Speaking of which, if you’re big on Hitchcock cameos, he’s enjoying some champagne at the party around the 1:04:34 mark.

Another thing Notorious has in common with Rebecca is the presence of an overbearing older woman who’s pulling some strings. Leopoldine Konstantin is simply frightening as Claude Rains’ mother. Oh, and if Claude Rains sounds familiar, it’s because he was in just about every movie EVER over a forty year period.

What can I say? It’s not the best Hitchcock movie, but it’s still great. Notorious is public domain, so you can watch the entire flick on YouTube.

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