Friends With Kids (movie review)

Remember when I reviewed Trance and joked about true love? Well, for Friends With Kids, true love is ripping off When Harry Met Sally. Instead of proposing the idea that, “Men and Women can never be friends; sex always gets in the way,” this movie proposes the opposite idea… and then decides nah, let’s do the When Harry Met Sally ending, only SEXY!

Hence, we end up with a movie that ends with the line “F@ck the shit out of me!”

So… yeah.

At this point in the review, you’ve probably already figured out that this movie isn’t going to get the highest of scores, so now, let’s delve into why this movie is so very vexing.

This movie time cuts all over the place. Sometimes, they give you hints as to how much time has passed, and sometimes, they don’t. The baby ages like the friggin’ Twilight baby. Well, there is one time when they say it’s four years later, which is the first time cut, but after that, it’s a free for all.

The dialogue in this movie is atrocious. Characters say things like, “Nothing’s going to change, everything’s going to stay exactly the same” or “Can’t wait to see how it all turns out.” It’s just painful to watch these flat characters push the narrative, especially when it’s a narrative we know so well, because at the heart of the story, it’s just about two people falling in love in the exact same manner as When Harry Met Sally, so the audience really doesn’t need the help. It’s curious; you’d think a movie called Friends With Kids would be about raising kids, but it’s just about relationships. It’s barely even about how having children changes relationships.

Everyone in this movie is sorta wasted by virtue of the fact that the movie is lame, but sheesh, what a waste of Kristen Wiig. She has so little to do in this movie, it’s a crime. Not that Maya Rudolph and Chris O’Dowd have much to do – Rudolph is good at speeding through the painful expository dialogue and O’Dowd is great at making the most out of every opportunity for comedy. He’s got a great ‘less is more’ approach here that’s very different from what he did on the IT Crowd, and it works perfectly. It’s fun to see Adam Scott in a leading role and Jennifer Westfeldt also does a fine job… quality performances aren’t the problem here. The problem is that the screenplay just doesn’t work.

The only thing memorable about Friends With Kids is the fact that they put so many talented actors in one movie and it still came out like crap. As for a score… I dunno… it at least has decent structure, so let’s say 5 out of 10.

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