Trance (quick movie review)

True love is shaving off your pubic hair so you look more like a painting from the romantic period. Or something. Anyway, let’s talk Trance!

There isn’t a good way to talk about Trance without spoiling it, and that’s something I don’t want to do with this film. What I will say is that it’s ballsy, if you will – we don’t generally see this sort of movie with this level of production and movie stars. The movie toys with the idea of conventional narratives, twists, protagonists, antagonists, visuals, music, sound design… and so on. This movie doesn’t have a ton of special effects, but this is one of those cases where they picked their spots well and used CGI to enhance their story rather than just try to dazzle us with technology. Sure, the movie might be a little long and there were certainly bits that I wasn’t necessarily engaged in, but it’s still an above average flick. At some point, I hope to watch it again and see what I pick up on now that I don’t have to focus quite so hard on following the plot.

It should be pointed out that if you have no stomach for violence, torture, gore, nudity, sexual content and general film wackiness, you’re probably not going to like this movie. On the other hand, if you’re the sort of person who avoids those things, I’d say give Trance a try and test yourself against all the taboos all at once. In the end, it’s a movie about people stealing a painting, after all. (And it’s not "Boy With Apple.")

I can’t say I loved every minute, but Trance has more going for it than the average caper movie. I give it a 8.5 out of 10.

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